Phase 1 – A TV Pilot

A TV pilot – Who, Where & The Background

It started in 2016 as a ‘graphic novel’ version of a screenplay…and quickly grew into an idea to become a full-fledged TV series. But the TV show could lead to bigger things for the area. And the talent attached to this project is PHENOMENAL.



The Backstory to Something Big

Illinois native and RVC graduate Doug Shiloh was looking for a back-door way into Hollywood and decided to turn his crime-action screenplay into a graphic novel (comic book). He asked actors from LA to London to join him as ‘the cast’ and lend their image for his artist to use in drawing characters. He quickly found 12 actors who wanted to be a part of this new project.

As things geared up in the summer of 2016, AMC star actor RICH GRAFF of ‘The Making of the Mob’ fame – and the actor portraying lead character ‘SENATOR WARREN’ – pitched the idea to Doug of working together to create “DEAD EXIT  – The TV series.” Graff became Executive Producer on the project. Graff’s accomplishments include being named named Best New Leading Role (Male) at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, and in 2015, Vanity Fair named him one of the 100 Brightest Rising Stars. His CV includes many new, upcoming projects. Rich’s first effort was to bring in TNT TV star TONY DENISON to portray ‘Director John Brandt.’

Rich Graff as ‘Lucky Luciano’ in AMC’s hit 8-part TV series “The Making of the Mob”

Rich Graff and Doug Shiloh answer a Q&A at Geek’d Con Rockford September 2016.

Tony Denison is attached to play ‘Director John Brandt’ in DEAD EXIT.

The 12 talented actors attached so far include Martinez (who just finished a stint on Season 7 of “The Walking Dead”); from Los Angeles actress-model NINA BERGMAN (also a Warner Bros. recording artist) and singer-actress-producer ROXY SAINT, and three in the United Kingdom – James Jaysen Bryhan, Sienna Taylor and Jeannie McGinnis.

Martinez, whose latest role was in Season 7 of the AMC series ‘The Walking Dead.’ Martinez is slated to play Agent Mosley in DEAD EXIT.


Actress, model & Warner Bros. recording artist Nina Bergman will play Agent Jenkins in DEAD EXIT.

Singer, actress and producer Roxy Saint is slated to play “Jade Bloodworth” in DEAD EXIT.

NYC actor Ernesto Nodal will play “Dakota” in DEAD EXIT, one of the 3 top roles.

Author, musician and entertainer Sienna Taylor, who is in the U.K., will portray “Vanessa” in DEAD EXIT.

Atlanta actor Reggie Pierre Louis is set to portray “Xavier Thompson” in DEAD EXIT.

Jimmy Star, actor, producer and host of No. 1 web show in the world is attached to portray ‘Johnny B. Hollywood’ in DEAD EXIT.

English actor James Jaysen Bryhan is attached to DEAD EXIT.

In September, 2016 at the first annual “Rockford Geek’d Con ComicCon”, Graff and Shiloh announced plans at a featured Q&A panel discussion to create a TV show based on Shiloh’s screenplay. But not only that – but to pitch the idea of using Northern Illinois as a location for the TV pilot and eventual series.

With financial backing and support, the five-county region around The Forest City can have a ‘Hollywood moment’ and a share in what is now a new Golden Age of Television.

Shiloh would like to include local locations, but also manufacturers’ products into the scripts whenever possible and feasible. For instance, the sports bar scene at the end of the pilot has the characters playing electronic darts. This set would be recurring on a regular basis.

Just to test the waters, we made initial contact with a few local companies about “being in the show” and have had very positive feedback. A quick survey of local actors and musicians have also had positive results.

An inventory of the pilot script was made…

Locations needed for the “Dead Exit” TV pilot include:

  • Upscale restaurant with music performance space
  • Executive office and corporate general offices including conference room
  • Jail facility (cell and processing/bond-out area)
  • Sports bar with 5-piece band space
  • Architect’s ‘stately’ home (such as on National Avenue/Harlem Boulevard)
  • Movie Cineplex theater and lobby
  • Hospital OR and ICU
  • Physical Rehab facility
  • Cemetery
  • Young family’s ‘modest’ home
  • Federal Building steps (such as Memorial Hall)
  • Political Press Conference Room
  • Outdoor ‘upscale’ public swimming pool
  • Motel 2nd floor with pool
  • Deluxe Hotel type suite
  • Space to recreate a haunted house/museum with kiosks
  • Access to use of a Helicopter pad and helicopter