Phase 3 – Indie movies


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With the launching and production of ‘DEAD EXIT’, Doug Shiloh would like to sweeten the deal for the area by producing independent movies that are wholly filmed in the 9-county area.

HOMEFIELD MULTIMEDIA’s slate of independent (‘indie’) movies digs deep into the storytelling catalog of Doug Shiloh. These will be a mix of heartland stories – and sports-themed movies.

“They go hand-in-hand with what the area is doing to be a sports hub,” Shiloh said. “I can write a movie and drop in a sport as a backdrop. The Rockford area has many sports thriving. My favorite movie of all time is “Rocky” and you could say it’s a sports movie, but I see it as a real-life movie with boxing as its backdrop. It’s about the human heart, dreams and courage. That’s something that everyone can relate to.”

Another favorite of Shiloh’s is the 1989 Kevin Costner flick “Field of Dreams”, which was produced in Dyersville, Iowa.

For years, Dyersville flourished from a tourism boost of fans from the late 1980s to the current day of those who flocked to the remote town of 4,200. But times are tougher and not as many fans show up.

“I did some research and there were two takeaways from reading up on what happened in Iowa,” Shiloh said. “1) The movie is older and they never made a sequel or ‘extra reason to go visit, and 2) it’s remote. A person really has to want to go to the Field of Dreams movie site.

“That’s why I decided that I wouldn’t make just one movie here, but one every 12-18 months and most would have a sports-theme,” Shiloh said. “And being in the I-90 corridor gives the area the advantage over many locations in the country. A lot of untapped traffic from across the country goes past Rockford. I-90 runs from Boston to Seattle. It’s between Madison and Chicago and Galena to Chicago.

We have great companies, hard working people, great locales and I figured, ‘let’s put ’em in the movies.'”

Shiloh sees Tourism possibilities in all of his stories. “I know the area, I’ve lived here most of my life. I can build a place into a story. I can put a product into a story. If you live in a  place long enough, it gets in your soul. I’ve heard many times that the first thing lots of people do when they arrive in Philadelphia is to go to the art museum where Rocky ran up the steps. I would. But there’s no food you can buy or a T-shirt to get.

Link to ‘Rocky steps:

Shiloh spoke with a few local business owners. “I learned that YES, people want it. Business owners want it. They immediately see the value to the area. People ask me how they can be “an extra” or like the idea that their business might be put in a movie or the TV show. I’d like to highlight some of our products that have a worldwide reach. Our secondhand resale shops can be utilized for props in the show and movies.”

The Rockton Rush is attached to be involved in a football movie to be filmed in the area.

One of the first movies to hit production is a movie with Football as its backdrop. Doug Shiloh and the owners of the Rockton Rush, have agreed to a partnership.


Another of the first feature-length projects is a comedy titled “SINGED” and is about an average middle-aged man with a family who worries about recent news in the world. He decides to start a garage band and recruits a rag-tag group of people to help the cause of ridding the world of nuclear weapons.

Pec Playhouse actor Christopher Palmer is attached to the project.


Locations needed for “SINGED” include:

  • Two-story or ranch house
  • Diner-type restaurant
  • Park band shell amphitheater and concert crowd
  • Video store
  • Music store
  • Used car dealership
  • School
  • Church
  • Park and playground
  • Retail department store
  • Library
  • Rock quarry
  • City street for evening traffic scene
  • Recording studio
  • Grocery store
  • Motel conference/banquet room and adjoining bar and its parking lot
  • Mobile home park and mobile home
  • Kinko’s-type store (night)
  • Winter ‘First Night Festival outdoor and indoor stage space’
  • High school football stadium bleacher and concession (game scene)
  • Dance studio