Phase 4 The Studio and The “X Unit”

Video here

Imagine the future: a TV series is in full production…the first of annual movies has begun…Phase 4 is where the area grows. Take a look at the video describing our roll out for “The Studio.”

EDUCATION – An Incubator/Lab for Partnering with our Youth and Staff

We will tap the resources of talent at RVC and our high schools ranging from people, facilities and services. Ideally, technical, creative, trades and business internships will be offered to promising students. A goal is to become an incubator for such students, to give them hands-on experience in the field – with the hope that after graduation they remain in the area to be a part of a growing industry in the region.

But we won’t just stop at traditional education.

HOMEFIELD MULTIMEDIA will do its part to “transform Rockford” by creating jobs, tourism opportunities and more. And part of that is creating a mentoring program for at-risk youth.

We are partnering with Tommy Meeks on developing this branch called “The X-Unit.”

Tommy Meeks

“This program will work with teens and 20-somethings and give them an opportunity to learn tools to change their lives,” Shiloh said. “We’ll have a 1st and 2nd Unit,  so this team will be called ‘The X Unit.'”

The X Unit will learn…

  • A/V skills
  • On-camera skills
  • Documentary skills
  • Sales
  • Reporting
  • Social Media
  • DVD creation – all facets
  • Networking
  • How to have a Professional attitude
  • Further Education

Plans for “The Studio”


HOMEFIELD MULTIMEDIA would like to partner with the area on creating a physical building space – with filming soundstages, audio recording space, a competitive movie studio that can also be used as a rental space on weekends for weddings or corporate and non-profit functions.

“We want to support the area, not compete with what spaces there are,” Shiloh said. “We don’t want to compete with the great spaces we already have. But if they are booked and someone needs a space, we’d have it. We’d like the sound stage and wedding space as an alternative to Chicago and to be a draw for other companies to say, ‘let’s film in Rockford.'”