Phase 5 Tourism & New Biz


Phase 5 – TOURISM & ECONOMIC IMPACT of a ‘Hollywood on The Prairie’

Ideas: One thing leads to another…one impacts and spreads across, like water ripples in a pond. Phase 1-4 leads to more positive ripples for the area…its people, its businesses, its image, and long-lasting growth.

During production, an area is positively impacted by the impact of a workforce, the effect of restaurants, lodging, fuel, lumber, electrical, construction and so forth. After a production is released, an area is impacted through Tourism which will help restaurants, lodging, fuel, merchandise sales, and city taxes.


Phase 5 is the culmination of everything before: as a new hot spot (enhancing the current efforts of the area), this can mean extra tourism dollars to the area – and one way is through tours of the facilities or places “in the movies”…and an annual film festival.



In the 2000s, Netflix had a traveling film festival at 10 places where famous films were made. (I attended one at the Field of Dreams movie site.) Roughly 5,000 people attended and watched the movie on the actual field where the movie was made. Kevin Costner made an appearance and played a set with his band Modern West – and then at dusk, the movie started. Once again, the area reaped a positive economic impact.

Imagine the new Amerock Hotel hosting celebrities for this event. Ziock Building photo by Teemu08, Creative Commons license.

Homefield Multimedia will partner with multiple area sites to hold an annual summer film festival. (Possibility: After the loss of the On The Waterfront Festival, there is a gap of a large area Labor Day event. There is also a gap in the June calendar due to the loss of the Airshow event.)

Stars from the films will be invited (if not contracted) to attend for meet-and-greet and Q&A sessions.


With many sports-themed movies, charity ball games and concerts can be held to benefit a variety of our area’s great organizations during Festival Week. Films will include Homefield Multimedia productions and outside-the-company shorts and features. Woodstock, Illinois – home to the Bill Murray production “Groundhog Day” – had parades and movie-themed discounted business sales. Like Dysersville, Woodstock had only one movie project ‘to hang its hat on’ when it comes to Hollywood productions.

These annual events would drive extra in-region and outside Tourism traffic to the area.


The recent success of the Rick Nielsen/Cheap Trick exhibit and Midway Village’s recurring “Rockford Peaches” exhibit shows a pathway to the need for a future venue that can be a museum and restaurant. Homefield may partner with the private sector or the city to create a museum and restaurant complex.

SCHOLARSHIPS – RVC, Rockford University


As an RVC graduate, Doug Shiloh is committed to giving back to the community in which he grew up in. These would include annual scholarships for both schools – in the creative arts, business (marketing and sales). Monies would include gifts for equipment (A/V, computers, software), and more.

Taking a cue from the HOMEFIELD MULTIMEDIA “peace” project “SINGED”, we propose that a running scholarship be given to Rockford University, home to Nobel Peace Prize winner Jane Addams (a Northern Illinois native). This scholarship would be advertised nationwide or worldwide to candidates who demonstrate leadership in solving peaceful means that involve industry into a plan of action. A judging group would consist of local leaders in various industries and the non-profit sector.


There are many great non-profit organizations in the area. Doug Shiloh has been a longtime past supporter of these organizations. Based on that, Homefield Multimedia is willing and able to help these organizations in creative and effective ways, such as charity ball games to help these organizations to continue their good work.

The area has a number of museums and park systems that could also benefit from partnering with Homefield Multimedia, not only during a production (such as use of sites) but in the aftermath – such as new exhibits and as a merchandise hot spot, and a future museum or restaurant complex.